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Grit Compound Chart
Grit Compound Chart Diamond
Is the hardest material known to man, its extreme hardness
and wear resistance means that it is ideal for grinding hard
brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, carbides, quartz,
ferrites and other materials including fibre glass and semi
conductor materials.

Diamond is naturally occurring but the majority of diamond
used in industry today is man made. This has the advantage
that the diamond can be tailored to specific applications.

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride)
Is second only to diamond in hardness and does not occur
naturally. It is a superabrasive developed specifically to grind
materials that have an affinity for carbon, in particular steels.

It is superior over conventional abrasives when grinding the
hard to machine steels such as hardened tool steels, alloy
steels. Due to its cool cutting and sharpness retention, CBN
can achieve good dimensional accuracy and also imparts less
damage to the surface of the component compared with
conventional abrasives.